Food for People in Need


WAFER Food Pantry will remain open and committed to serving the community through the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Response time to emails and voicemails may be delayed due to increasing workloads.  Please check back frequently for updates.

DONATIONS would be greatly appreciated.  Monetary donations will be used to purchase items in short supply.  Food donations are accepted at the garage door on Sumner St and will be quarantined for 4 days according to new food pantry guidelines.

NEW INCOME GUIDELINES – effective June 1, 2020.  The threshold for participating in the TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) has drastically changed and more people than ever are now eligible to receive food assistance.  Find new income guidelines here.

OFFERING TWO COMPLETE FOOD PACKAGES PER MONTH THROUGH FEBRUARY- Patrons with up-to-date accounts will be able to receive 2 complete food packages per month through February.  The situation will be re-evaluated at that point to either continue offering two food packages a month or return to previous distribution policies.  Please check back frequently.   The “10-day” policy will still be followed, meaning your two complete food packages must be a minimum 10 days apart.  Partial packages (dairy, bread, and produce) will still be available the other weeks of the month that the complete food package isn’t received.

Food distribution processes (and the Food Fair event – see below) have been modified to reduce risk, keep our community safe, and ensure access to food.  Pre-packaged boxes of non-perishable and perishable food for all existing or new clients will be distributed during normal hours.

Patrons using the main pantry location or the Mobile Food Pantry should individually implement the 6ft distancing requirement.  Please wear a mask to protect our staff and volunteers.

As of Monday, November 16th, food distribution is drive-thru style with curbside pick up on Sumner St.  Please enter the WAFER parking lot nearest to Kwik Trip, continue around the rear of the building, and pull up to the bump-out structure.  You will be greeted by staff for registration and then pull ahead to retrieve your food package from the conveyor system.

Packages will include a box of dry goods and a box/bag of dairy, produce, bakery, and meat. Carts will be available for clients to transport packages to their vehicle and will be expected to quickly return after use. New clients can apply in person and receive a food package the same day.

Things to Bring:
* Photo ID
* Personal carts to transport food

Food Fair procedures are as follows: The one Saturday per month extra food package distribution will continue as scheduled from 10-12 at the La Crosse location and 10-11 in West Salem.  To comply with COVID-19 government orders, a drive thru process will be implemented to prevent people from standing in lines.  Minimal walk up services will be provided.  Vehicles should line up beginning at Causeway Blvd and Sumner St. facing west toward Copeland Ave..  The line should back up east down Causeway Blvd toward the river then on Milwaukee St. (See map below)  Turning on to Car St initially may be the easiest.  Tickets issued prior to close the Friday before the event will be collected by WAFER staff prior to receiving a food package. There is no change in procedure for West Salem.  You can find the event dates on the Calendar tab.