Mobile Food Pantry

WAFER Food Pantry to expand services with a Mobile Food Pantry!

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Lack of personal transportation or access to public transportation, physical disabilities, limited finances, and distance from the food pantry are just a few of the reasons why people struggling with food insecurity are unable to utilize food resources offered by WAFER Food Pantry.

Beginning August 2017, WAFER is counting on community support to fund this a new and innovative program – Mobile Food Pantry. With a campaign goal of $100,000, funds will be used for start up and first-year operation expenses. Expenses include: purchasing and modifying the vehicle to resemble our in-house food pantry, equipment (canned/dry goods racking, coolers, freezers), and a transportable computer system. Participants will benefit from the canned goods, fresh produce, dairy items, baked goods, and frozen meat the vehicle will be able to safely transport.

Pictured here is the vehicle before and after retrofitting.

The vehicle is now ready to begin making make stops in various locations in the City of La Crosse and the remaining communities throughout La Crosse County.

Pictured here is a mockup internal layout created by the Mobile Pantry Planning Committee.

We are relying on businesses, organizations, and people invested in their neighborhood and community to financially support this critical needs project as well as invest time volunteering to assist participants.  If you are aware of an area particularly food insecure, please contact WAFER staff to share your concerns.

By financially supporting this program you will be a part of decreasing the barriers associated with travel and food insecurity, improving the quality of simply getting food to people who need it most.
The Mobile Food Pantry will make a enormous impact for food insecure people, provide opportunities for success and self-dependence, decrease risks associated with food insecurity for individuals and families right here at home, and work to break down the walls of poverty.

As stated, WAFER Board of Directors and staff need to raise $100,000. Generosity from The Franke Foundation and a local couple have provided the opportunity for a unique fundraising opportunity. Each donor has provided a $20,000 matching funds gift. Essentially your gift is tripled – for every $1 given for this project the donors will each give $1 for a total of $3. Your gift of $50 would result in $150 total or $1000 would become $3000.

How can you help? Make a financial contribution to help us reach the $100,000 goal. You can make a donation with cash or check by mail or by dropping it off at our Causeway Blvd location, make a donation through our PayPal account (on the right-hand side of the page), or by credit card over the phone or in the office Monday through Fridays 8:30-12:30. Any donation given for Mobile Food Pantry should be indicated as such to ensure the donors match the gift.