Mobile Food Pantry

Lack of personal transportation or access to public transportation, physical disabilities, limited finances, and distance from the food pantry are just a few of the reasons why people struggling with food insecurity are unable to utilize food resources offered by WAFER Food Pantry.

The Mobile Food Pantry (MFP), an innovative and one-of-a-kind program, began serving the public in September 2017.  Participants are able to benefit from the canned goods, fresh produce, dairy items, baked goods, frozen meat, and hygiene items similar to what is available at WAFER’s main facility in La Crosse when using this service.  Clients are able to board the handicap accessible vehicle to choose their own foods.  Clients may either receive a food package at the WAFER in-house pantry or at the mobile food pantry, not both.  For questions regarding this service or to sign up for volunteering at a site, please contact the Mobile Food Pantry Manager at or 608-782-6003, x6.

The Mobile Food Pantry depends on volunteers and cannot function properly without them! Duties include assisting clients through the MFP and/or helping re-stock the vehicle. If you are interested in volunteering on the MFP, please contact the MFP Manager or email
Nutrition, gerontology, and human services students are likely to apply course objectives while volunteering on the Mobile.

Your financial support of this critically important service is needed to decrease barriers associated with travel and food insecurity to get food to people who need it most.  The MFP has made an enormous impact locally and will continue to provide opportunities for success and self-dependence, decrease emotional and physical risks associated with food insecurity, and work to break down the walls of poverty for people right here at home. Consider making a donation today.









Regularly scheduled and consistent stopping points continue to be determined at this time.  Information will be made available as soon as possible.  Until then, frequently check the calendar for the dates, times and locations of the MFP.